Black, White, White, Black
Black with White, White with Black

Together! (“Hope is Green”)
The Grey of tense sky’s end
The Blue of an immense sea
For “the clouds” can change

It is Blue: when nice + sunny
(Grey): when rains to puddle
Too, can be White as cotton
It also gets Orange or Purple

When the sun start to depart
It gets a bit Red, (like a heart)

The sun that makes it so Red
Lights up… ‘EDÚ and SANDY’
The sun that melts an iceberg
Warns up… ‘EDÚ and SANDY’

It is Black… EDÚ’s feet is Black
It is White… SANDY’s hand is White

SANDY is White. EDÚ is Black
“They LOVE each other!”
Black, White. White, Black
Black with White. White with Black

© Ricardo Sexton